Creating Wiki Pages

Pages added must be related to Records and Information Management.
Use of coloured text is encouraged.
To add images you must add them as either HTML links from the internet or from the files area. - Best advice is to use the image wizard in the "Edit mode"
Highlight important text in italics, underline or bold - Please do not use capitals (Capitals can be considered as yelling).

Enjoy and have fun creating your little space on the RMAA Wiki

To Format your Page

The Edit area for wiki pages looks like this:


Heading Text size is predefined for you. Use the H1 button to select the size of the font you want.

Heading levels are 1 (largest) to 6 (smallest)

The buttons "B" "I" "U" are Bold, Italic and Underline.

Entering Text.

To enter text simply type what you want to appear in the editing box. When you hit the "Save & continue" button your work will be saved

To find out more about page design go to

Colours - To add colour to your text you enter the colour 'code' in the list below:
eg if i want Red text, I would type

#(Hash)#(hash)FF0000|(Shift and the key above enter) what i want to type in colour #(hash)#(Hash)

Simple Colour chart

For more colours go to

The principle for the colours is the same after the 2 hash symbols enter the colour code you want and remember to close it off by another 2 hash symbols

Black ##000000
Red ##FF0000
Green ##00FF00
BLue ##0000FF
Yellow ##FFFF00
Aqua ##00FFFF
Purple ##FF00FF
Grey ##C0C0C0
White ##FFFFFF
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