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As the Secretary of the Northern Territory Branch I would like to have access to add and update pages.
I would love to help get this WIKI up and running.

Lots of fun people, some interesting sessions and some current technologies

As the largest recognised records and information management professional association in Australia and New Zealand, the Records Management Association of Australasia (RMAA) provides the following comments on issues raised in the Dominion Post Article by TOM PULLAR-STRECKER | Monday, 30 June 2008.

Whilst we agree with Mr Bidmead’s comments regarding the cost of implementing electronic document management systems (EDMS) generally, we feel that there are some points that require clarification and expansion in order to better inform the discussion.

The requirement for government agencies to manage their records responsibly is not new. Responsible recordkeeping is an essential component of any business, public or private, as is evidenced by the international standards that govern best practice and underpin many of Archives NZ’s standards and guidelines.

The recordkeeping compliance requirements imposed by the Public Records Act are, and have for some years, been common knowledge within government agencies and local bodies, including 2010 as the legislated date for the start of the audit cycle. Archives New Zealand canvassed the recordkeeping community extensively in the years leading up to the promulgation of the Act (in 2005) and continue to support agencies to develop compliant systems through training, forums, published information and advice. Many public offices in local and central government are well advanced in their movement to compliance with the Act.

It is certainly true, as Mr Bidmead notes, that the success of any piece of software that is applied across a whole organisation – be it financial, human resources or information management – requires robust configuration and implementation. Implementing an EDMS successfully also requires detailed analysis and understanding of the business processes and user requirements. Implementing an EDMS is a major change exercise, and all the work involved with culture change and user acceptance must be integrated with technical implementation.

Managing a project of this nature, particularly across a large organisation, is time-consuming and, like any new product that is expected to underpin business process for a substantial period, it requires investment and prudent financial management. It also requires a sound information management and recordkeeping framework within the business, including policies and business rules, classification systems, training and support.

One of the key risks in implementing an information management tool like an EDMS is that it is seen or touted as a complete answer to an organisation’s recordkeeping issues. An EDMS is not a magic wand – it is merely a tool in the arsenal that will help with the organisation, management and continuing access to an organisation’s information resources.

However, a well-implemented product can deliver:

• the ability to identify and retrieve information at the desktop
• better-informed decision-making
• a reduction in “lost time” spent searching for hard-to find information resources
• a more professional, customer focussed organisation
• the ability to better utilise your information for improved or new services on the web.

In short, a long-term improvement in services and savings in bottom line costs.

As the build-up to the 2010 audits continues, Archives NZ have made it clear that they are looking, in the initial audit cycle, not merely for substantial compliance, but also for agencies that are working intelligently towards compliance by delivering frameworks and systems that support and enhance their business. We concur with Ms Wareham when she says “compliance is a price of doing business well”, as compliance will have many tangible benefits to these organisations.

The RMAA has over 250 professional members in New Zealand (over 4000 in Australia and the rest of the world) working in all facets of government and private sectors. When you employ one of our professional members we will guarantee their level of knowledge, currency and ability as continued professional development is compulsory. For more information on the RMAA or to become a member visit our website on

Julia Harris – President
RMAA NZ Branch

David Pryde – Vice Chair
RMAA Board

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well with you?
There is a story on taken from the Dominion post at the weekend that I am including a link to. It has created a storm on the nz records listserve. Is this something to put up for discusiion on the Wiki? How and where would I put something like this assuming it is ok? Link enclosed -



Chris HolmesChris Holmes 13 Jun 2008 22:09
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Hi there NZwallaby.

Please find your comments post under the forum category RMAA website v's RMAA wiki



Re: by Chris HolmesChris Holmes, 13 Jun 2008 22:09

Hi there NZwallaby, thanks for your post (and sorry for moving it around on you)

The RMAA Forum and listserv will remain on the corporate RMAA website, but can be accessed via the links on this wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to give RMAA members and those interested in RM, and the principles of the RMAA a place for informal chat/debate etc.
In time we hope that this will be a kind of facebook for the RMAA without being 'facebook' if you know what I mean.
The more 'formal' sections of this wiki are here as a support to the RMAA corporate site.

Hope this helps.

Kate, Chris and Andy

NZwallabyNZwallaby 13 Jun 2008, 13:20 +1000

Is the RMAA Forum going to be relocated here? Should people be directed here rather than the web site or do they complement each other?

NZwallabyNZwallaby 13 Jun 2008 03:20
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Is the RMAA Forum going to be relocated here? Should people be directed here rather than the web site or do they complement each other?

by NZwallabyNZwallaby, 13 Jun 2008 03:20

Hi All,

the wiki colours are great but makes me think of a coffee shop!! Are there any other colours you might like to see here??

We have a fun home at last!!!
Welcome to the Forum pages for the RMAA Wiki.
This is a place where we can discuss issues, bounce ideas off each other, post pictures or just relax and chatter in general. Of course there is a serious side to the forum that we need to be conscious of like language and to be careful of anything others might find offensive. We are confident that will not be a problem. So let us enjoy this forum - it is as much your home as anyone elses, so help make it your own.
Cheers for now - Kate, Andy and Chris (The RMAA Wiki Admin Team)

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