recall list messages

The current RMAA list defaults to the list when you hit reply. It could be changed to default to the sender but in 2007 the RMAA exec decided to leave the list default reply to the list.

If you are a regular list contributor (and that is what the list is for) you will do this sometime. Your mind is replying to the person, your mail client is replying to the list. Your mail client wins everytime.

If you accidentally reply to the list there is NOTHING you can do to pull the message back.

1. Exercise in Futility - recall the message

Some mailers (such as Outlook) have the option to attempt to recall the message. All that does is create another message to draw double attention to your first error.

2. Exercise in mea culpa - apologise to the list

Gnash your teeth and apologise to the list for your error, especially if you made some unkind comments

3. Exercise in steely nerve - say nothing

For minor transgressions, do nothing.

If you feel strongly that the list should default to the sender rather than the list, discuss it with your RMAA executive contact. Perhaps if one of the Executive make a boo-boo it might change quickly (smirk)

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