Position Description for Records Mgt Officer

Position Description – Records Management Officer

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Award Classification Typically this position would suit an AO2 to AO4 APS Level
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Position Objective
• To assist in maintaining records management system.
• To provide a courteous, efficient and professional service in response to customer needs and develop a broad knowledge of services.

Reporting to the Records Management Coordinatior, the Records Management Officer will be accountable for quality and efficiency of individual workloads while contribute to the day to day performance of the unit, guiding and supporting fellow colleagues and by providing efficient and effective customer support to organisation colleagues by:

Work Organisation
• Assist with maintaining Records Management System, including the maintenance and
management of active and archived records.
• Maintain organisational security and confidentiality of information in accordance with organisational policy and legislative requirements.
• Accurately record, file and distribute all inward and outward correspondence including mail, faxes,email and internal correspondence.
• Assist staff with requests to locate and retrieve information.
• Assist in the training of internal users on Records Management systems and processes.
• Assist in the formulation, implementation and review of Record Management policies and
• Assist in the development, implementation and review and support training of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
• Participate as a member of the Records Management Team in innovative and creative ways whilst providing courteous, efficient and professional service.
• Assist with administrative duties as required.

Risk Management and Occupational Health and Safety
• Observe safe work process in accordance with training and instruction given, and to report any risk.
• Comply with corporate Risk Management and Occupational Health and
Safety policies and practices;
• Identify, report and where appropriate, action risks/hazards in order to eliminate or mitigate against the risk occurring again;
• Participate in the consultative processes provided by the organisation.

Is this position for you:
The below listed are typical duties of the Records Management Officer, A successful application should address each of
these Key Competencies.

Judgement & Decision Making
• Guidance and advice is always available from senior employees
• The nature of the work encompasses existing methods, procedures and processes, however the position will require an ongoing improvement of these processes
• The continual application of problem solving skills will be involved in meeting customer needs
• Ability to promptly deal with all enquiries or accurately re-direct enquiry where appropriate.

Specialist Skills and Knowledge
• Knowledge of Records Management standards and legislation relating to the current trends and management of records within a medium sized organisation
• Demonstrated use of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) would be desirable.
• Broad knowledge of all services and officers responsible for providing those services.
• Sound knowledge of customer service principles.
• Proficient in the use of computers and computer software relevant to the position.

Management Skills
• Ability to work with minimum supervision.
• Ability to plan and manage time effectively and prioritise workload particularly in being able to manage multiple enquiries simultaneously.

Interpersonal Skills
• Oral communication skills of an order sufficient to communicate clearly and effectively with staff and clients
• Well developed problem solving skills
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Ability to deal with all customers, some who could present with verbal behaviour that is challenging, and address their concerns in a professional and courteous manner.

Qualifications & Experience
• Completion of Certificate course in relevant discipline or greater experience in a similar role.
• At least 1 years experience in a Records Management or similar role

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