Second Life

Second Life is a 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using voice and text chat. This is not a game. It has no rules or goals.

Second Life was created in 2003 by Linden Laboratories of San Francisco. It’s a world that allows users to buy “property”, create objects and buildings and interact with other users. The residents of Second Life are other users who enter Second Life through their own computers. 13.4 million Users have registered with Second Life.

You enter Second Life by downloading some free software and choose an avatar and name. You can make the avatar even better looking than you already are. Your first stop is Orientation Island where you learn to chat, fly and manipulate objects.

Wait you say, this is something you do for entertainment!

It may have started that way but it is evolving into something very big. Teenagers can enter Second Life and get advice on sex issues from real sexual health practitioners instead of the old “I have a friend who has a problem …..” Educators are using second life to assist students. Some interesting organizations now have a presence in Second Life including NASA, Reuters, and even good old Auntie; yes the ABC has an island in Second Life.

And yes they do have records in Second Life


Conferences can even now be held in second life, imagine:

The 30th RMAA International Virtual Convention
8th – 11th September 2013
Information Management Island, Second Life
Cost: Free

See you in the Information Management Bar……………..

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